Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers | Status : Active


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Datasheet ECAD Model

Product Detail

Part Number Number of Functions Configuration IF VRWM VF IR TRR
MURBF3060CT Dual Common Cathode 30 600 1.15 10 0.055
IF (A) VRWM (V) VF (V) IR (µA) TRR (µs)
Part Number MURBF3060CT Number of Functions Dual Configuration Common Cathode IF  30 VRWM  600 VF  1.15 IR  10 TRR  0.055


Part Number Configuration Package Type Packing Specification Component Weight (g) Marking Code Packing Info
MURBF3060CT Configuration Image Package Type Image TO-263AC TO-263AC 1.5500 MURBF3060CT Tape&Reel:1500pcs/Reel;

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