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Front & Rear LED Lights

Exterior auto lights must provide safe and long-lasting performance in a variety of conditions while enhancing a vehicle’s aesthetics. LEDs are a popular headlamp lighting technology due to their energy-efficient operation and lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Several factors must be considered in exterior Automotive lighting design to maximize safety and reliability.

/ Optimize Safety with Effective Exterior Automotive Lighting Design

Automotive headlamps and taillights play a critical role in operator safety. While several lighting technologies are available, including halogen and xenon for headlamps, the trend is moving toward LEDs for their versatility, efficiency, and long life.

LED solutions are ideal for all types of electric vehicles (HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs), as well as those powered by gas and other alternative fuels. 

Front headlamps require a great amount of energy to operate properly and are often complex in design. In addition to delivering optimized and efficient performance, they include a range of functions and settings, such as dimming, with the ability to switch on or off quickly in a range of conditions. 

/ Application Considerations

As vehicles become smarter and sleeker, exterior lighting design engineers should consider several factors:

  • Energy efficiency - because the car’s battery powers the headlamps, the components must be energy efficient — especially when it comes to EVs.
  • Compact footprint - design space may be limited for headlamp and taillight components, which must look sleek in appearance and deliver reliable performance.  
  • High-temperature capability - LED headlamps are often exposed to high temperatures from the engine and the sun, so components must be able to safely withstand the worst-case operating conditions.  
  • High current handling and control - headlights require a large amount of current, so components must be able to handle the load without overheating or failing.
  • Low on-resistance - low on-resistance helps reduce power losses, which can improve the headlight's overall efficiency.
  • Fast switching speed - exterior auto lights must quickly switch between high and low beams while maintaining the correct brightness level, plus be able to turn on or off in milliseconds for driver safety. 
  • Low reverse recovery time - a low reverse recovery time will help reduce the amount of electrical noise generated by the headlight.
  • Applicable industry standards - Automotive components must meet stringent requirements and industry standards, such as AEC-Q101 qualification. 

/ Intelligent & Aesthetic Exterior Lighting

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Block Diagram

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