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A legacy of Innovation & Growth


/A Legacy of Innovation & Growth

At MCC, we’re proud of our achievements throughout the decades. Our story is one of strategic expansion and innovation. And we established our leadership position while never losing sight of our mission to exceed customer expectations or our commitment to quality.

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    The company is founded and begins manufacturing high-quality discrete semiconductors for Consumer and Industrial markets.

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    Micro Commercial Components, Corp., formed as part of a management buyout and spin-off from a publicly traded company in the US.

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    Acquired by a publicly listed holding company in China in a strategic move to increase capital investment, products, and services.

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    Strategically relocated global HQ to Simi Valley, CA, and increased warehouse footprint by 111%.

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    Established Micro Commercial Components GmbH in Munich, Germany, to meet evolving market demand.

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    Activated Foreign Trade Zone in Simi Valley, CA, distribution center, providing cost-saving opportunities for North American customers. Passed audit on VDA 6.1 standards.

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    Established two new manufacturing sites in China to increase capacity and accelerate delivery.

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    Established an 8-inch wafer fabrication facility to meet growing industry demand.

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    Began construction of a new production facility in Vietnam to strategically diversify operations and secure our supply chain. Established Micro Commercial Components Singapore, to meet evolving market demand.

/We've grown a lot over the last 30+ years. And we're just getting started.


From significant investments in innovation and infrastructure to record-breaking growth in the EMEA region, 2022 was our best year yet. We have all the elements in place to ensure our customers and partners are unstoppable for years to come!

Pamela Cheng

General Manager, MCC

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