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Solid State Drive (SSD)

SSDs are faster and more power efficient than hard disk drives (HDDs). They’re also smaller and have better boot-up times and data movement compared to HDDs, which are the legacy storage technology. Trends are moving toward more SSD solutions for their compact size and efficiency.

/ Delivering Speed, Durability, and Efficiency

SSDs store information on flash memory, making them faster and more efficient than hard disk drives. But they are also more expensive and provide less storage capacity. Application needs will determine which data storage and processing technology is best. 

Several protective measures should be put into place to protect sensitive data from fluctuations in power and electrostatic discharge.

/ Application Considerations

When designing solid-state drives, engineers should consider the following factors:

  • P-channel MOSFETs in the power management unit (PMU) for power sequencing 
  • Low power consumption products to increase overall efficiency
  • Higher-rated ESD devices for interfacing protection

/ Block Diagram

Block Diagram

/Recommended Products


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