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LED backlights (touch screen, cameras)

Most new cars today are equipped with LCDs, cameras, and touchscreens, making LED backlights a must for the Automotive market. LEDs and the drivers that empower them deliver effective power management and protect against EMI.

/ Illuminating Safety & Entertainment

LEDs can be found throughout a vehicle’s interior for a range of uses. Most common are used to illuminate LCDs, cameras, and other tech features modern drivers can’t live without. 

Optimal DC-DC conversion enables LEDs to backlight these devices while maintaining safe operation. With the range of products and packages available for backlighting applications, LEDs are ideal for attaining high-efficiency driver design and good thermal performance.

/ Application Considerations

Designs for Automotive backlights and displays should factor in the following:

  • High-efficiency drivers
  • Thermal behavior and heat dissipation
  • Low forward voltage (VF) to increase overall efficiency  
  • EMI performance
  • Stability of output current

/ Block Diagram

Block Diagram

/Recommended Products



  • MOSFET, 40-60V, DFN5060, <40mohm
  • MCAC53N06YHE3-TP
  • 40V~80V, <20mohm

Schottky Barrier Rectifiers

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