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Infotainment in Cabin

Clusters, Center stacks, head up displays, and HVACs have similar characteristics (as main microcontroller, power supplies, interfaces as CAN, LIN, LVDS,ETC.). This block diagram is a general overview for devices inside the cabin of a car.

Application Consideration

The block diagram is considering the basics protections for EMC like overvoltage, transients and ESD; with the discrete components necessary for the power stages of power supplies and the discrete drivers for telltales, speakers, power outputs or switches.

Block Diagram

Interfaces Transients Protection Over voltage Protection Reverse Battery Protection Power Stage in DC Converters LCD DC/DC Converter LDO Battery Power Outputs B A T G N D Main Micro Controller CAN ESD Protection LIN ESD Protection LVDS ESD Protection FLEX RAY ESD Protection Ethernet ESD Protection GC RAM External memory High side Driver High/Low Side Full Bridge/ Half Bridge